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Seeforth College, our focus is on global vision, personalised nurturing of pupils emotional and educational foundation development.

Seeforth College does not only deliver a diverse classroom of learners from all over the world, but the heart of the international program has an emphasis on international matters, encouraging global thinkers and developing global citizens. Our classroom extends into other regions of the world because of our global view, the range of cultures and experiences of our pupils and Seeforth College. We offer exciting opportunities for pupils to discover an authentic global experience through exchange global programs.

Seeforth College run on both Montessori and traditional schooling system lessons approach. Seeforth College believe that systematic combination of these two educational systems gives a child global understanding while at the same time exposing a child to local situations and environments that's enhances child educational and spiritual awareness.

The school has very positive ethos that help to develop a student's self-confidence and which recognizes different learning styles, capacities and past school experiences.

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Academic Honesty

Seeforth College is committed to academic honesty through the following statements of practice:

Clear expectations and guidelines for each piece of work, assignment and exam will be given to students

Information will be shared with parents. The school will explain the academic honesty policy to students to ensure understanding of our integrity as a school.

Teachers are trained to spot malpractice

Students sign the citizenship agreements in the planner at the beginning of their academic programs to ensure they respect intellectual property.

Students have responsibility to seek advice if they are unsure on the nature of task or if they unclear about the understanding of the consequences of disregarding academic honesty.

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